BCBOHA Certification Program

Most Berkshire County communities require septic installers to be currently certified through BCBOHA’s program before receiving a permit to construct or repair a septic system.

New Certification: If you have never been certified through BCBOHA’s program, or if you have let your certification lapse for two or more years, you must attend a four-night (8 hour) course and pass a written exam. Certification requires a passing grade of at least 70%. One retest is allowed before you are required to retake the entire course.  If you are interested in being added to our mailing list, please contact Emily Kirby at 413-442-1521, x30 or ekirby@berkshireplanning.org.

Keeping Your Certification Current: Once you have passed the certification exam, to keep your certification current you must attend one re-certification course each year. BCBOHA offers these courses several times a year as do a number of other groups that BCBOHA recognizes.  In order to receive credit for a non-BCBOHA course, we ask that you download the non-BCBOHA-credit-request-form-2019 and follow the instructions.

Courses: Most BCBOHA courses are offered from late fall through early spring. If you missed your re-certification, there may be online courses you can complete to re-certify. Contact us for more information.

Once you have passed your certification exam and every year thereafter that you take a specialty/re-certification course, you will receive a card showing the date through which your certification is current. It is your responsibility to keep your certification current!

Please note! We try to offer NEIWPCC soil evaluator and system inspector credits at our BCBOHA septic installer classes as a courtesy so that you can earn SE and SI credits at the same time that you renew your BCBOHA certification. You will receive a TCH form at the class for SE or SI credits. BCBOHA does not administer SE or SI certification, and therefore we do not maintain perfect records for these TCH.

*If you have issues with your SE/SI credits you must contact NEIWPCC directly.*

*It is your responsibility to keep track of SE & SI credits and provide to NEIWPCC as needed.*

Moving or contact information has changed? Please contact Emily Kirby at ekirby@berkshireplanning.org if your mailing/email address or phone number changes so that we can keep your information as up-to-date as possible.

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