BCBOHA Certification Program

Most Berkshire County communities require septic installers to be currently certified through BCBOHA’s program before receiving a permit to construct or repair a septic system.

Upcoming Installer Course:

Recertification Courses will occur over the fall and winter with more information provided later this fall.

New Certification: If you have never been certified through BCBOHA’s program, or if you have let your certification lapse for two or more years, you must attend our new certification course and pass a written exam. Certification requires a passing grade of at least 70%. One retest is allowed before you are required to retake the entire course. The next course will take place in the late fall or early winter. Please email Lydia to be added to list for the next course.

If you are interested in being added to our mailing list for future courses or have any questions, please contact Lydia Shulman at lshulman@berkshireplanning.org.