Berkshire Public Health Alliance

The Berkshire Public Health Alliance is a group of 21 Berkshire County towns and cities currently committed to the idea of developing a sustainable model of collaboration, regionalization and shared services.   Berkshire Regional Planning Commission (BRPC), in collaboration with BCBOHA, applied for and received a District Incentive Planning Grant from the state Dept. of Public Health on behalf of these towns in April 2011.   The Planning Committee is in the process of developing an application for a District Incentive Grant Implementation Grant.  The following materials are related to the Alliance:

Berkshire Public Health Alliance Governing Board: Meeting Notices & Agenda:

Alliance Governing Board: Meeting Minutes (minutes will be posted upon approval of the Governing Board at their next meeting):  

Workgroup Meeting Notices & Agenda (4/28/11 – 11/10/11)

Meeting Minutes – Workgroup (4/28/11 – 11/10/11)

Meeting Handouts


Other Documents Related to the Alliance

Documents related to the District Incentive Grant (DIG) Program

Other Useful Documents

Useful Links

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