Berkshire Public Health Alliance

The Berkshire Public Health Alliance is a group of 24 Berkshire County towns and cities currently committed to the idea of developing a sustainable model of collaboration, regionalization and shared services. The Alliance was formed through an Inter-Municipal Agreement (IMA) signed by the municipalities and by Berkshire Regional Planning Commission (BRPC) as fiscal host to allow, but not require, the municipalities to share public health services. Currently the Alliance provides comprehensive environmental/inspectional services to five communities, and as-needed services to several more. The Public Health Nursing Program provides comprehensive public health nursing services to 10 communities (expected FY 19).  The Alliance also applies for and administers grants on behalf of the Alliance communities. For more information on the Alliance and its services click here: Alliance Information


The following materials are related to the Alliance formation:

Berkshire Public Health Alliance Governing Board: Meeting Notices & Agenda:

Alliance Governing Board: Meeting Minutes (minutes will be posted upon approval of the Governing Board at their next meeting):  

Workgroup Meeting Notices & Agenda (4/28/11 – 11/10/11)

Meeting Minutes – Workgroup (4/28/11 – 11/10/11)

Meeting Handouts

Other Documents Related to the Alliance

Other Useful Documents

Useful Links



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