Other Alerts

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May 13, 2011: Fraudulent Restaurant Inspectors

The caller states that they are a food inspector.  DPH would like to reinforce that the FPP is not performing any complaint inspection at food establishments without notifying the local board of health. These are fraudulent calls and none of these appointments show up at any food establishment. The intent is not to enter the food establishment; it is a type of identity theft scam. Food establishments report callers ask for cell phone numbers and sometimes Federal ID numbers. We recommend that you notify your food establishments to be on alert; do not give out any information over the phone. Request that the food establishment check with the local inspector about the call. We recommend they also refer the matter to the local police. The state has referred this to the AG s office. Please continue to report these calls to FPP at 617-983-6712.

Feb. 8, 2011: Roof Collapse Advisory

The following Public Safety Advisory was prepared by MEMA, the Department of Public Safety, and the Department of Fire Services.  With the potential for more snow, home owner, tenants and businesses are encouraged to be cognizant of signs of structural weaknesses and to safely remove snow and ice from roofs.  The Advisory offers tips on how to safely lighten snow loads on roofs, and warns people about unsafe snow removal methods that may cause injury and damage roofs.  See the advisory here: Roof Collapse Advisory Feb 2011