Berkshire MRC

The Berkshire Medical Reserve Corps (BMRC) exists to improve the health and safety of our communities and our region.  The Unit is made up of medical and non-medical volunteers who are trained to respond to public health emergencies and disasters when activated by a local community leader or hospital.  Members also participate in and conduct education and outreach events throughout the year that promote our mission of community health, emergency preparedness, and resiliency.  There are many Ways We Can Help. The BMRC works closely with each of three regional emergency preparedness committees in Berkshire County, three regional hospitals, and the Berkshire County Boards of Health Association (BCBOHA).  The Berkshire Regional Planning Commission (BRPC) serves as our fiscal agent. We collaborate with other organizations and create programs such as the Berkshire Disaster Animal Response Team (Berkshire DART) to ensure the most effective response capabilities during events where people and animals are impacted.

Because 32 towns we serve differ significantly with some regions more rural and spread out, the BMRC has been organized into three regional teams.  Each team has Team Leaders who demonstrate a higher level of commitment to the group, and who are an intricate part of our Deployment Strategy. EMD’s or other Officials who turn to MRC for help during a public health emergency will be asked a set of questions using our Pre-Deployment Questionnaire before a level of involvement can be determined.  Here is What Some of our Community Partners Have to Say after working with us.

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